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Performance highlights

Our business performance

  • Record revenue of $8.27 billion,up 10.3 per cent
  • Profit before tax of $100.7 million, up 87.7 per cent
  • $450.0 million invested in our network
  • Secured agreements with Commonwealth Bank of Australia,
  • NAB and Westpac securing the future of Bank@Post in communities

Our people

  • Kept our people safe through COVID-19, with zoning, staggered shifts and temperature testing, and support for those working remotely
  • Removed 93 million manual handling touch points
  • Helped our people stay mentally well, by identifying and mitigating psychosocial exposures, raising awareness and combating stigma
  • Launched our 2020-22 Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan, reaffirming our commitment to reconciliation
  • Licensee engagement score of 66 up three points from 2019
  • Launched our 2020-22 Accessibility and Inclusion Plan, to support accessible employment, products, services and places for everyone

Our customers and communities

  • Delivered mental health resources to more than 1.4 million households
  • Raised over $1.6 million for Australian Red Cross since the partnership began
  • Delivered 160,000 books to children in 325 remote Indigenous communities
  • 720 million digital customer visits, up 45 per cent on last year
  • Supported 148,000 small business customers to reach their customers,streamline their shipping processes and grow their businesses online

Our network

  • Delivered a record 52 million parcels during December
  • Employed more than 5,000 casuals to assist with our peak period, with more than 1,200 continuing their employment beyond this period
  • Partnered with our merchant customers and supported them to prepare for peak
  • Supported our bricks and mortar customers to accelerate their online businesses with multiple collection and delivery options

Our innovation and expertise

  • Further developed the Local Business Partner program, providing our Licensees with the training, knowledge and capability they need to directly manage a portfolio of small to medium enterprise customers
  • Rolled out route optimisation software to more than 3,700 drivers to support delivery of more than 500,000 parcels every day
  • Our Happy Parcels program, which draws on scanning data to empower our customer-facing teams to have more informed customer conversations, won a global award

Our environment

  • Science based target to reduce emissions by 15 per cent by 2025, officially validated by the Science Based Target Initiative
  • 124 million parcels delivered carbon neutral since October 2019
  • 74,500 pieces of soft plastic diverted from landfill and given a second life during our Soft Plastics Collection Pilot in 12 Post Offices across regional NSW
  • Our sustainable packaging range is 100 per cent recyclable either via kerbside recycling or through our partnership with REDcycle and our mailing boxes are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Performance against targets

Performance indicator

Profit before tax

$55.0 million

$100.7 million

Shareholder return on equity



Dividend declared for 2020/21

$11.9 million

$44.3 million

Dividend paid in 2020/21

$39.8 million

$46.2 million

Street posting boxes



On-time letter delivery



Retail outlets

In total



In rural and remote areas



In metropolitan areas*



In non-metropolitan (i.e. rural and remote) areas#



Delivery frequency per delivery point

to rural and remote delivery points each business day and to metropolitan delivery points every second business day



to delivery points at least 2 days per week



*Residences to be located within 2.5 kms of an outlet # Residences to be located within 7.5 kms of an outlet