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Meeting international sector emissions targets

The International Post Corporation (IPC) conducts an emissions management and monitoring survey with its members across the global postal sector, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions.

We achieved a score of 90.7 per cent, equivalent to gold status, in the annual survey. This is the first time we have scored above 90 per cent, the performance target set by the IPC for all participants in the program by 2020.

When the survey was piloted in 2009, we achieved a score of 54 per cent and have made year on year performance improvements over the past decade. Our program has achieved carbon savings of 83,000 tonnes, total cost avoidance of $84 million and annualised savings of $11 million, all contributing to the improved rating.

Other factors contributing to our improved rating include improvements in the quality of our carbon disclosure reporting for this program and assurance of our measurement methods for this annual report.