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Solutions for e-waste

We are reliant on technology in all parts of our business and, as a result, we generate significant e-waste when technology becomes obsolete or no longer works. With South Australia and now Victoria banning e-waste from landfill, we have implemented initiatives to deal with our e-waste responsibly.

We are working with e-waste facilitators to provide consumers and small businesses with convenient recycling solutions for their old electronics.

Through our partnership with PonyUp for Good, we collected 9,382 kilos of technology and have been able to reuse 69 per cent of the equipment, by weight. PonyUp for Good is a social enterprise that collects decommissioned technology, erases its data and then sells it, donating 50 per cent of the profits to Second Bite, an organisation that redistributes surplus food to community food programs.

The re-marketing of equipment through this initiative generated enough money to donate 15,095 meals to disadvantaged families across Australia this year and 58,207 fresh meals in total since we started this initiative.