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Our environment highlights

  • Energy efficient lighting to reduce carbon emissions
  • Solar panels and LED lighting at our new facilities
  • Providing solutions for e-waste disposal
  • Transitioning to the largest electric vehicle fleet in Australia

Male employee standing in front of an electric vehicle
Brett Grayling from Mooroolbark Delivery Centre in Victoria.

The size of our network and our presence in so many cities and towns gives us unrivalled access and connection to these communities. It also means that our environmental footprint is significant and accordingly, we have a responsibility to ensure the environmental impact of the infrastructure and transport in our network is minimised.

Our environmental responsibility extends beyond our physical network of buildings and vehicles. We also seek to promote environmentally sustainable practices to our people, our customers and in our supply chain.

Through this, we are reducing our emissions footprint, reducing environmental risks to our people, infrastructure and services, and delivering sustainable solutions for our stakeholders.

We have continued to deliver the initiatives in our 2018-2020 Environmental Action Plan to take us towards our targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25 per cent and enabling the reuse and recycling of 100,000 tonnes of material by 2020.

In 2010, when we set our 2020 target of reducing emissions by 25 per cent, our carbon intensity was 64 tonnes of carbon per million dollars of revenue. Today we are down to 40 tonnes of carbon per million dollars of revenue. Over this period we have managed to grow our business by over 40 per cent while reducing our carbon intensity by 37 per cent. While our operating activities will continue to be energy intensive, we have had great success in decoupling our economic growth from our greenhouse gas emissions.