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CASE STUDY: Cutting edge automation

Two male employees in front of parcel sorting equipment
Sean Cressy and Jake Pahor at the Brisbane Parcels Facility
Sean Cressy and Jake Pahor love working at the cutting edge of technology. They teamed up on the delivery of the small parcel sorter at Westringia last year and now they’re working on the automation at our new Redbank facility in Queensland.

Sean is a Senior Project Manager, based in Melbourne and his focus is integrating technology such as robotics, into the parcel processing equipment. Jake is an Automation Manager, based in Brisbane, responsible for delivering the small parcel sorter and also the Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for the site.

“The innovative technology and significant investment shows the commitment we have to improving safety of our people and providing a world class network for our customers,” Sean told us.

The project sees Sean and Jake engaging with many teams across the business to find ways to optimise the network and make the most of the automation and robotics. The parcel picker provides safe and efficient unloading of parcels from trailers – the first type of this technology in Australia.

“Brisbane Parcels Facility will be Australia’s largest and most advanced parcel processing centre with significant investment being made in the development of innovative technologies that will maintain Australia Post as leaders in our industry,” Jake said.

“What I love about this role is that I am able to help deliver significant change to the Australia Post network and also provide innovative solutions to improve safety and efficiency of our operations.”