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Improving the delivery experience

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience, through innovative, efficient solutions that meet the changing demands of our customers.

By making it easier for merchants to enable tracking notifications for their customers, we have increased the proportion of customers who receive tracking notifications from one-third to nearly half.

We have also made it easier for customers to redirect their parcel to an alternative address for final collection. Previously around 40 per cent of redirected parcels were sent to another street address, but now we have made it easier for customers to choose a Parcel Locker or Post Office to collect their parcels. This resulted in 84 per cent of parcels being redirected to a Post Office or Parcel Locker through the tracking notifications for collection.

Improvements have been made to the online process for renewing Post Office Box leases, resulting in $22 million of online revenue, more than double the level of online revenue for this service last year.