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CASE STUDY: Getting people to work sooner

The Workforce Verification team in Melbourne.
At Australia Post, we have been providing identity checks for over 30 years. Every year, we conduct more than 8 million identity checks, including processing 1.9 million passport applications and conducting more than 2 million employment checks for businesses, government and consumers.

We have harnessed this experience and reputation, to develop Workforce Verification, our new business-to-business solution that streamlines the highly manual and time-consuming process for employers, while making it simple for candidates and employees to complete their checks.

A number of major customers have already signed up to use this solution and it will be used by our partner Adecco when they screen around 25,000 candidates to work as census collectors for the 2021 Australian Census.

The project is a great example of how teams across Australia Post have come together to deliver a world-class customer solution, with experts from Technology, Product & Innovation, Finance, Business & Government, Corporate Services and Consumer & Community, spending months together planning, building and testing the solution.