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One common platform for scanning

Until this year, we had six different scanning technologies and five different handheld scanners operating across our business. In 2018/19, we began replacing these differing technology systems with a single platform accessed via our hand-held NextGen scanners.

The roll out of the scanners commenced in our retail network in 2018, followed by roll out of a further 30,000 scanners to our posties and drivers and

then to the rest of our operational network. All of our scanning technology will migrate to this new platform in time for the 2019 peak period.

The new scanners will make our people’s jobs easier and the improved tracking visibility and functionality will enable us to improve the delivery experience for our customers, by giving them greater convenience and control of final delivery.

This new platform will align our scanning processes from retail to delivery and processing facilities, working seamlessly across our entire business. And because the scanners are application based, new applications can be loaded on to the device at any time and applications can be updated quickly.

We plan to add functionality to the scanners over time, including the capacity to take payments and verify identity, as well as countdown clocks for parcel delivery to more narrowly define delivery window times.