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During 2018/19, we launched our refreshed purpose and values. Our purpose is to connect people with each other and the world. We unlock opportunities for everyone.

Our values underpin everything we do – the services we deliver, the products we provide and, importantly, how we behave and communicate with each other and our customers.

Trust: Do the right thing

Communities rely on us. We have the courage to speak up, be honest and take responsibility for our actions.

Inclusivity: Respect everyone
Everyone deserves to belong. We ensure people feel respected and included.

Empowerment: Find a way
The world is full of possibility. We challenge ourselves to create a better future for
everyone and get the job done.

Safety: Be safe and well
Everyone should feel safe and well in the course of their day. We support and care for
each other.

CASE STUDY: Everyone deserves to belong

Anthony standing in front of a window, in his uniform
Anthony Moufarrege, Operations Clerk from Botany Postal Delivery Centre in NSW
​Anthony Moufarrege has been with Australia Post for nearly two years. In order to manage his mild cerebral palsy, Anthony’s managers have worked with him to modify the type of work he does.

“They really helped me throughout the daily chores at work and my transition to working five days a week,” Anthony said.

“They took me with open arms and made me who I am today. I knew I was at home at Australia Post.”