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Respecting our customers


We are committed to protecting our customers’ privacy and have robust protocols in place to investigate any complaints or concerns we receive. No incidents were reported to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) under the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme. Further, no adverse determinations were received from the OAIC during this period.


Ensuring everyone feels included does not start and finish with our workforce. It extends to our customers, our delivery partners and other stakeholders. So we invest in making sure our services are accessible to everyone.

In February 2018, our digital team successfully completed a Certification of Accessibility for auspost.com.au. We are officially recognised by Vision Australia as being AA compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

When we redesigned our parcel satchels this year, we undertook an external print accessibility check to ensure they met the latest requirements. We are also working with the Australian Network on Disability to embed accessibility checks into their framework for the development of new products and services.

Our Stakeholder Council

The Australia Post Stakeholder Council (Council) provides advice and feedback on a range of issues throughout the year. The Council also reviews and guides our approach to stakeholder engagement and corporate responsibility. At 30 June 2019 the Stakeholder Council had ten members and met three times during the financial year.

With roles and experience in diverse segments of the Australian community including small and medium-sized businesses, community services, industrial relations, marketing and corporate responsibility, Council members are:

  • Sarah Agboola – Managing Director & Founder, m-Time
  • Rhonda Cumberland – Chief Executive Officer, South East Community Links (Council member until July 2019)
  • Graz van Egmond – CEO, Banksia Foundation
  • George Etrelezis – Small Business Consultant
  • Paul Greenberg – Founder & Executive Director, National Online Retailers Association
  • Angela Hite – Licensee, Middlemount Licensed Post Office
  • Julia Landford – Founding Director, Canberra NatureArt Lab; former Federal Government Executive
  • Jan Owen AM – Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Young Australians
  • Felicity Pantelidis – Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Maurice Blackburn (Council member until October 2018)
  • Geoff Rohrsheim – Co-Founder, Hatch Creations
  • Nicole Sheffield – EGM Community and Consumer, Australia Post (Chair)

Stakeholder Council Statement
The Stakeholder Council (Council) has had the opportunity to review Australia Post’s approach to best practice annual reporting and provides its views in relation to corporate responsibility. In reviewing this year’s integrated annual report, we believe that Australia Post has continued to demonstrate its commitment to corporate responsibility, including social and environmental sustainability. As coverage of the Corporation’s material issues evolves to further integrate its social and environmental performance, the 2019 report reflects a strategic approach to a whole- of-business focus on delivering improved social and environmental outcomes for the Australian community. The Council believes that this report again provides a transparent and clearly integrated representation of the material in relation to Australia Post’s performance.

Australia Post Stakeholder Council, September 2019