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Delivering end-to-end solutions

92% of Australians have visited a post office in the past 6 months.
Many of our customers come to our business for multiple products and services and often, they are looking for a complete business solution. We have responded by creating a new operating model and changing the way we take our services to market to become a best-in-class organisation, delivering the end-to-end services our customers want.

We are providing more support to our business customers from small, privately run businesses through to large corporations and government agencies, and delivering solutions that draw on our portfolio of eCommerce-driven logistics, supply chain, parcel and mail delivery solutions and identity, payment and digitisation services.

We have seen a significant uplift in registrations and revenue through the MyPost Business digital channel and increased product penetration, with customers buying multiple products. We have also invested in a solutions team that helps our customers optimise their supply chain.