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Customer choice

Listening to our customers and developing solutions that offer them choice is vital to being competitive in a market based on speed, ease of use and delivery options.

Choice for a competitive edge

To cut through the online shopping environment, retailers are looking for a way to differentiate their offering and for many, their competitive edge comes from offering quicker fulfilment and shipping. Next-day deliveries increased by 31.7 per cent last year, with almost two thirds of these being fashion related.

We have supported our business customers who want to offer next day delivery, with options including airfreight overnight.

Delivery choices are important for the convenience of the end-consumer, so we have offered our customers improved delivery notifications and control over their deliveries, so they can redirect them or make decisions about where and when their item should be delivered.

Easy to choose, buy and use

During the year, we began redesigning our parcel delivery options to make it easier for customers to choose, buy and use our products. We have developed a flat-rate shipping product for items weighing less than five kilograms. This new approach to parcel selection and sending will be launched in September 2019.