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Future outlook

Female worker at a mail centre
Bhuvaneswari Chivukula at the Dandenong Letters Centre in Victoria
Safety remains our focus and as our network expands, we are investing to ensure our people stay safe and the risk of injury is reduced. We will continue to educate our people as equipment and sites change, and we expect to achieve a reduction in injuries as manual handling diminishes and our modes of delivery become safer.

We will increase the cultural readiness of our people by working with the business to address local issues that create better opportunities for achieving gender balance, particularly in operations areas, and an environment that supports inclusion for all diversity groups. In addition, training and education opportunities, support programs and robust employee networks for LGBTI+ pride and people with disability will improve how we attract and retain employees for key diversity areas.

The projected growth in eCommerce and the planned broadening of our products and services will support our aspiration to continue to provide meaningful work for everyone in our business.