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Who we are

Nagambie Licensees Andrew and Alison Biggs

​​Australia Post has been at the heart of Australian communities for more than 200 years, connecting them to each other and the world.

As Australia’s leading logistics, postal and integrated services business, we support our customers to grow and communities to thrive, helping to unlock opportunities for all Australians. Our objective is to create products that people value and trust, and to always deliver great service and value to our customers and the community.

As a Government Business Enterprise (GBE) operating under the Australian Postal Corporation Act 1989 (APC Act), we are a completely self-funding business with both commercial and community service obligations. We make the best use of our assets and resources in order to earn profits that can be reinvested in our business for the benefit of the Australian community.

Under our community service obligations (CSO), as set out in section 27 of the APC Act, we are required to provide an accessible and reliable letters service, at a uniform price, for all Australians, wherever they live.

But we deliver much, much more than just our community service obligations.

Over recent years, we have been transforming our business and investing in our people and infrastructure to meet the ever-changing expectations of our customers.

As a result, Australia Post has become an important enabler for the growth of online shopping in Australia. Today, we handle over 80 per cent of all items that need to be delivered from businesses to consumers.

Our post offices are increasingly the teller of the nation – a vital shopfront in every community, where Australians can transact with hundreds of other organisations, including banks, business and government agencies. These services also help to create more inclusive, vibrant communities where everyone can access a world of opportunity.

Our activities contribute around $6 billion annually to Australia’s economy. Each year, we make a direct contribution of over $3 billion to national GDP through our operations; and the indirect economic impacts that flow from our activities contribute almost as much again.

​We have a total workforce of approximately 80,000 people, made up of 36,000 employees and an extended workforce of contractors, licensees and sub-contractors. We continue to place the safety of our people as our highest priority because we believe everyone should feel safe and well in the course of their day.

We are committed to enhancing our reputation, and performance, as a responsible business and we are actively pursuing our goal of reducing our environmental impacts.