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CASE STUDY: Cutting through with direct mail

Jars and packages of Maggie Beer products
Maggie Beer’s addressed mail campaign achieved higher conversion than their electronic mail newsletter.
Artisan food and beverage retailer, Maggie Beer, has a large email database of Food Club members who are sent a bi-monthly electronic direct email, the Good Food News newsletter. On average the conversion rate had been 0.01 per cent and at Christmas time, the business wanted to raise awareness for the seasonal offering and re-engage Food Club members who had not made a purchase in more than six months.

We recommended a promotional direct mail option with an offer of 20 per cent discount off hampers, which buyers could access through a campaign code, allowing us to track the success of the campaign.

The Promo Post addressed mail campaign was successful in driving sales. Familiarity with the Maggie Beer brand and previous purchasing behaviour clearly also contributed to the campaign’s success.

With 1,200 sales, as well as a very positive revenue uplift in sales over a five-week period, the addressed mail component of the campaign was considered to be extremely successful.