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This section identifies the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine's funding structure

3.1: Regulatory Charging Summary

3.1: Regulatory Charging Summary

3.1A: Regulatory Charging Summary

The APVMA does not receive material funding from the Government, but is funded through fees, levies and other charges imposed under various sections of legislation.

The only change to this is when the Government funds specific projects to improve and / or enhance the APVMA's ability to perform its legislated functions such as the relocation to Armidale, NSW and the information technology environment refresh.

These fees, levies and charges are credited to a special appropriation created under s.58 (6) of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Administration) Act 1992, which is held and managed by the Department of Agriculture for and on behalf of the APVMA.

The purpose of this special appropriation is:

(a) to pay or discharge the costs, expenses or other obligations incurred by the APVMA in the performance of its functions

(b) to make payment of any remuneration and allowances payable to any person under this Act

(c) to make any other payments that the APVMA is authorised or required to make by or under this Act or any other law of the Commonwealth or any law of a State or Territory that is expressed to confer functions or powers on the APVMA.

The balance on this account is recorded as a receivable from the Department at Note 2.1B: Trade and other receivables ‐ Contributions receivable.





Balance carried from previous period

6 860

5 868

External revenue:

Levies, fees and charges

32 768

33 392

Available for payments:

39 628

39 260

Amounts applied (Drawn down)

(28 500)

(32 400)

Balance carried to next period and represented by:

11 128

6 860

Documentation (Cost Recovery Implementation Statement) for the above activities is available at: www.apvma.gov.au/node/4161

The APVMA is reviewing its Cost Recovery Implementation Statement to determine the suitability of its charging framework for regulatory services.