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The APVMA is a cost-recovered agency. Registrants pay application fees to register new products and active constituents, amend a current registration or apply for a permit. An annual fee is payable to renew the registration of a product. Product owners also pay an annual levy based on the sales of their registered products.

Levies are imposed under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemical Products Levy Imposition (General) Act 1994, the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemical Products Levy Imposition (Excise) Act 1994 and the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemical Products Levy Imposition (Customs) Act 1994. Levies are collected under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemical Products (Collection of Levy) Act 1994, and the levy rates are prescribed in the Regulations to the Act.

Financial performance

The APVMA’s total income for 2018–19 was $57.368 million. This includes:

  • industry fees and charges of $32.092 million
  • government appropriation of $24.902 million
  • other revenue of $374 000.

Total industry income derived from fees and charges of $32.092 million, government appropriated funding of $1.606 million, and other revenue of $374 000 (including $46 000 of resources received free of charge and a grant of $130 000 from the Department of Agriculture for minor use) was available to fund the APVMA’s business-as-usual activities. Normal business operational activities excludes specific appropriated funding of $23.296 million.

The specific appropriation funding of $23.296 million was assigned to Relocation ($15.012 million) and Enabling Technologies ($8.284 million) throughout 2018–19. Multi-year contracts and commitments in 2019–20 have necessitated carry-overs of $5.651 million for Relocation activities, and $6.915 million for Enabling Technologies.

The net cost of APVMA services for 2018–19 was $46.963 million. The cost of the APVMA’s industry-related expenses for 2018–19 was $36.233 million, excluding expenses related to the information technology renewal and relocation.

The final comprehensive income position was $9.983 million. The equity balance of $16.401 million is $9.401 million above the APVMA’s targeted equity position of $7 million; however, it includes $12.566 million in carry-forward funding for the projects described above.

Significant noncompliance issues with finance law

No issues were reported to the Minister for Agriculture under paragraph 19(1)(e) of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) that related to noncompliance of the APVMA with the finance law.