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Fraud control

ANSTO has specific obligations under Section 10 of the PGPA Rule to take all reasonable measures to prevent, detect and deal with fraud.

The ANSTO Fraud Control Plan (2019-2021) reflects the ‘better practice’ principles and practices articulated within the Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework. During the year, the risk function assessed the completeness and effective operation of controls over specific areas of fraud risk across the organisation. Control measures designed to mitigate the risk of fraud are present and are judged to be sufficient to provide ‘reasonable assurance’ that the risk of fraud will be mitigated to an acceptable level. Recommendations were made to improve controls where gaps were detected.

In addition, ANSTO operates a public interest disclosure scheme in accordance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013. Complementary to this scheme, ANSTO has a confidential, independent and externally hosted reporting service (FairCall), which provides another avenue for staff and contractors to report any concerns about unacceptable, unethical or illegal activities in the workplace.