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  • ANSTO leverages great science to deliver big outcomes.
  • We partner with scientists and engineers and apply new technologies to provide real-world benefits.
  • Our work improves human health, saves lives, builds our industries and protects the environment.

ANSTO is the home of Australia’s most significant landmark and national infrastructure for research including the Open Pool Australian Light-water (OPAL) multi-purpose nuclear reactor, the Australian Synchrotron, the Centre for Accelerator Science (CAS), the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering (ACNS) and the National Deuteration Facility (NDF).

Every year, thousands of scientists from industry and academia benefit from gaining access to these state-of-the-art facilities.

As part of enabling a strong national collaborative network, ANSTO is connected with 40 Australian and New Zealand universities through the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE), providing researchers with access to Australia’s nuclear science, technology and engineering expertise and national infrastructure which, in turn, facilitates greater national science collaboration.

ANSTO has nearly 50 bilateral international memoranda of understanding (MOU) agreements with world-leading research institutes and universities that ensure that Australian scientists are well placed to drive innovation for Australia.

These important partnerships give Australian scientists access to some of the world’s most sophisticated research techniques, enabling discoveries that benefit both Australia and the world.

ANSTO’s nuclear medicines benefit thousands of Australians every week, supporting the accurate diagnosis of heart disease, skeletal conditions and cancer.

Australia has a strong international role in nuclear science and technology through ANSTO. As a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors, Australia is committed to the peaceful application of nuclear science and technology. ANSTO’s long-term partnership with the IAEA has given our country important global responsibilities and recognition.

ANSTO has two main campuses at Lucas Heights in New South Wales and Clayton in Victoria. ANSTO also works from and operates a facility in Camperdown in New South Wales.

Aerial image of ANSTO's Lucas Heights campus
Aerial image of ANSTO's Lucas Heights campus