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Organisational structure

During the reporting period, an organisational restructure was undertaken to respond to the evolving needs and priorities of the organisation. Most significantly, a Chief Operating Officer was appointed, with responsibility for safety and other responsibilities as outlined below, and a Nuclear Precinct established at the Lucas Heights campus. The Nuclear Precinct, under the leadership of Ms Pamela Naidoo-Ameglio, consolidates the operational functions of ANSTO Nuclear Medicine Pty Limited, Health Products, Reactor Operations and Waste Management.

Organisational structure chart. Top row, ANSTO Board, next row, left to right - Office of the CEO; Chief Executive Officer, Adi Paterson. Third row, left to right - Group Executive Nuclear Science & Technology and Landmark Infrastructure (NSTLI), Simone Richter; Group Executive Research Translation (and Australian Synchrotron), Andrew Peele; Group Executive Nuclear Precinct including ANSTO Nuclear Medicine Pty Ltd, Pamela Naidoo-Ameglio; Group Executive Business Excellence including ANSTO Inc, Shaun Jenkinson; Chief Engineer Including PETTECH Solutions Pty Ltd, Con Lyras; Chief Information and Digital Officer, Marianne Morton; Chief People Officer, Rob Blissett; Chief Operating Officer, John Edge. Fourth row, left to right reporting to Chief Operating Officer - High Reliability; Government and International Affairs; Financial and Operational Services (CFO), Steve Jennaway; Risk & Audit; Regulatory Affairs; and Legal.

Subsidiaries and companies

ANSTO has the following subsidiaries and company (where ANSTO possesses a material interest)

ANSTO subsidiaries

Jurisdiction of operation


PETTECH Solutions Pty Ltd


PETTECH Solutions Pty Ltd is a small nuclear medicine diagnostic company and wholly owned ANSTO subsidiary. Its business operations were sold to Cyclotek NSW under a collaborative venture which will strengthen the PET imaging market and increase the research and development capability for new nuclear medicine diagnostics in New South Wales.

ANSTO Nuclear Medicine Pty Ltd


ANSTO Nuclear Medicine Pty Ltd is the operating producer of one of the world’s most important nuclear medicines, Mo-99. The subsidiary will also participate and invest in nuclear medicine and related activities, including applied research and development aligned and complementary to its core facilities and competencies.


Delaware, USA


ANSTO companies

Applied Molecular Therapies Pty Ltd


Contract development and manufacturer of radiopharmaceutical products