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Embracing the digital economy

The digital economy transcends the physical, geographical and resourcing constraints of traditional markets and consequently several challenges arise that must be met. This includes the capability and capacity to work remotely, collaborate internally and externally and maintain the ANSTO values including Safety, Security and Sustainability.

ANSTO has risen to these challenges through the implementation of expanded infrastructure to provide enhanced remote working capability. We have increased capacity and network connectivity enabling remote monitoring of experiments and use of the scientific landmark infrastructure. This, along with our completed installation of enhanced multi-campus storage infrastructure, enables the safety and sustainability of scientific and corporate data into the future.

Leveraging the foundation provided by the enhanced internal infrastructure, ANSTO introduced an enterprise analytics platform to provide a powerful visual interface that facilitates continuous flows of information for rapid decision making, further facilitating collaboration, rapid analysis and a streamlined customer experience. This platform has been used to map the global supply chain of key ANSTO products, predict workforce diversity and provide up-to-date reporting on financial, operational and research performance.

ANSTO has progressed its cyber security program via the development of the ANSTO-wide cyber security strategy. Under the strategy, a graded approach to cyber security risk management is implemented across all of ANSTO’s computer-based assets. This assessment follows international and national guidance, informed by the Australian National Design Basis Threat issued by the Australian Safeguards and Non-proliferation Office (ASNO) and continuous intelligence and guidance provided by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). Under this strategy, ANSTO has increased cyber security resourcing and has begun implementing a range of new cyber security controls.

ANSTO's cyber security team is working with owners and managers of operational technology (OT) assets across the Organisation to improve the asset management and cyber security control of these assets. ANSTO has a wide range of OT asset management and cyber security maturity across the Organisation, and the cyber security team is driving improvements to this maturity across all assets and teams by partnering with asset owners and managers. 

ANSTO has commenced ongoing cyber security awareness campaigns to improve capability across the Organisation. Specific awareness and training activities are run with teams exposed to higher levels of threat activity and staff with privileged access to computer-based assets.