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Next generation accelerator technologies

ANSTO is Australia's custodian of both reactor-based and accelerator-based nuclear technologies.

ANSTO operates the largest accelerator in Australia, the Australian Synchrotron at our Clayton campus, four linear accelerators at the Centre for Accelerator Science at Lucas Heights and the National Research Cyclotron at Camperdown.

Accelerators will play an increasing role in nuclear medicine production and cancer treatment with particles.

ANSTO is engaged in the National Particle Treatment and Research Centre Steering Committee, providing expertise on accelerators and the broader research applications in the fields of space, materials testing or nuclear physics.

To advance the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals that will be produced by accelerator applications, ANSTO has teamed up with researchers from Monash University to build on a proposal to establish a Precision Radiopharmaceuticals Facility at our Clayton campus housing either a high energy cyclotron or a linear accelerator.

In addition, now in its 12th year of operation, the Australian Synchrotron is planning for future upgrades of the accelerator system with a 10-15 year horizon. Studies are being carried out to determine the best and most cost-effective solution to upgrade the existing accelerator structure.