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Performance criterion 7 – Quality compliance performance

Business and innovation - Deliver nuclear or related products and services to our customers, and partner with others to develop impactful products and services for a sustainable future.

Goal - Our quality compliance performance is measured by our Quality and Business Systems team and reported quarterly through an executive committee. One such measurement is our ongoing Quality Management certification. This will be measured by maintaining our ISO 9000 Quality Management System certification.

Result - Two surveillance audits were undertaken during the period and the certification was maintained.

ANSTO Quality Management System (QMS) is a certified system with documented processes, plans and established responsibilities for achieving quality objectives. The system aligns with the ANSTO Corporate Plan and Quality Policy. It provides a framework for strategic planning and continuous improvement as well as ensuring customer satisfaction and compliance with legislative, regulatory and organisational requirements. The high-level structure of the QMS provides a flexible platform for integrating quality with the Oliver Wight Integrated Business Planning and other ISO management systems, such as ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

The certification has been successfully maintained at all ANSTO’s sites.