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Performance criterion 6 – Business and innovation

Business and innovation - Deliver nuclear or related products and services to our customers, and partner with others to develop impactful products and services for a sustainable future.

Goal - 3,391,917 radiopharmaceutical potential doses

Result - 900,921 radiopharmaceutical potential doses

ANSTO did not reach its target in 2019-2020 principally due to reduced production runs in the ANM facility due to COVID-19. The pandemic also adversely impacted ANSTO’s export of radiopharmaceuticals; this is predicted to be a finite issue with exports expected to increase in the 2020-2021 financial year.

By closely working with our customers, the domestic supply was largely maintained despite the supply chain challenges associated with COVID-19.

Traditionally, ANSTO has based the target patient doses per year on sustained organic growth of the nuclear medicine market. This method does not reflect changes to market dynamics, nor the strategies adopted by ANSTO to best meet the needs of our customers. To provide greater transparency of target patient doses, ANSTO has refined the method of calculation for 2020-2021 which align with the organisation’s integrated business planning processes. This new methodology utilises ANSTO's operating forecast, which incorporates ANSTO strategies to meet changes in our markets.

Male nuclear medicine clinician with older male patient on scanning bed.
For more than 60 years, ANSTO has manufactured a range of nuclear medicines called radiopharmaceuticals, which are used as both diagnostic and therapeutic agents in clinical settings, as well as in medical research