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Performance criterion 2 – Safe work environment

Putting our people first - Provide a safe, sustainable and inclusive environment that empowers our people and supports a culture of collaboration and engagement.

Goal - ANSTO will continue to strengthen its commitment to providing a safe work environment for its staff. One way to measure this is through the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (injuries that require five or more days off work). Our annual goal is no lost time due to injury.

Result - In 2019-2020 there were 13 Lost Shift Injuries and no Lost Time Injuries.

Lost Shift Injury Frequency Rate (LSIFR) and Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) are a safety performance measure at ANSTO that are used to separate serious injuries (LTI) from less serious injuries (LSI).

These measures relate to injuries that required time taken off work and do not reflect the impact the injury has had on the worker.

The early intervention program managed by the ANSTO Health and Wellbeing Centre aims to minimise the time taken off for work related injuries and allows workers to return to work as early as possible. The average time taken off for each of the Lost Shift injuries was two days.

See more information at High reliability – Safety at ANSTO and Lost shift and lost time injuries.