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Context: Naval Shipbuilding Plan

The 2016 Defence White Paper set out the Australian Government’s plan for a significant recapitalisation of the Royal Australian Navy, alongside a commitment to build a sustainable naval shipbuilding capability in Australia.

Delivering the naval capabilities that the Government articulated in the 2017 Naval Shipbuilding Plan is predicated on four key enablers:

  • a modern, innovative and secure naval shipbuilding and sustainment infrastructure;
  • a highly capable, productive and skilled naval shipbuilding and sustainment workforce;
  • a motivated, innovative, cost-competitive and sustainable Australian industrial base, underpinned initially by experienced international ship designers and builders who transfer these attributes to Australian industry; and
  • a national approach to delivering the Naval Shipbuilding Plan.

ANI’s principal contribution to the successful delivery of the Naval Shipbuilding Plan is its role as an owner, developer and manager of critical shipyard infrastructure.

A summary of the continuous naval shipbuilding program is depicted in the following diagram.

Continuous Naval Shipbuilding Program Summary Continuous Naval Shipbuilding Program Summary