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Chair and CEO's Letter

We are pleased to present the 2019-20 Annual Report for Australian Naval Infrastructure Pty Ltd.

ANI has continued to support the Commonwealth’s continuous naval shipbuilding program by being the owner, developer and manager of infrastructure and related facilities, and by managing the infrastructure to ensure an integrated and coordinated approach to delivery of the shipbuilding program.

During the year ANI achieved a significant milestone with practical completion of the new Osborne South shipyard in readiness for handover to ASC Shipbuilding for the Hunter Class Frigate Program. With highly sophisticated and specialised steel surface treatment, cutting, bending, profiling, bevelling and robotic welding equipment, this yard will facilitate the efficient construction of nine Hunter Class frigates by ASC Shipbuilding over the next two decades.

In another key milestone, ANI commenced site works for the new submarine construction yard which will be used by Naval Group and Lockheed Martin to build twelve Attack Class submarines. Construction of the critical test facilities including the Combat System Physical Integration Facility and the Platform Land Based Test Facility are progressing to plan, with site works on the main fabrication halls to commence during the second half of 2020.

ANI continued to provide infrastructure facilities to the Collins Class program in support of submarine sustainment and also to the Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) program. HMAS Sydney, the third and final AWD, departed from Osborne during April 2020.

ANI operations personnel played an important role in the consolidation of two mega-blocks for the first Offshore Patrol Vessel being constructed by Luerssen Australia and ASC in the Osborne South shipyard. ANI operators used newly acquired self-propelled modular transporters to manoeuvre the aft and forward blocks into position, representing the largest block transfers undertaken in the shipyard.

The past year has also seen ANI continue to build its organisational capability through the engagement of key personnel, together with the continued development of its systems and processes.

Despite the impacts of Covid-19, ANI has proven its ability to deliver on its objectives as the owner, developer and manager of critical shipyard infrastructure and the impacts of Covid-19 are not expected to significantly impact ANI’s financial or operational position, now or in the coming year.

23 September 2020