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Indemnification and insurance of directors and officers

a. Indemnification

The Company has agreed to indemnify the current and previous directors and officers of the Company for all liabilities to another person (other than the Company or a related body corporate) that may arise in their capacity as directors and officers of the Company, except where the liability arises out of conduct involving a lack of good faith. The agreements stipulate that the Company will meet, to the extent permitted by law, the full amount of any such liabilities, including costs and expenses.

b. Insurance premiums

Since the end of the previous financial year, the Company has paid insurance premiums in respect of directors' and officers' liability insurance contracts for current and former directors and officers, including executive officers of the Company and directors. The insurance premiums cover directors and officers for actual losses incurred in their capacity as directors and officers of the Company, which are not indemnified by the Company and which the director or officer becomes legally obligated to pay on account of certain claims made against him/her individually or otherwise. The terms of the insurance policy prohibit disclosure of the amounts of the premium payable.