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ANI's Assets

ANI’s principal place of business is located within the shipyard precinct in Osborne, South Australia, where ANI owns the infrastructure necessary for ongoing naval vessel building and sustainment.

Assets held within ANI include:

Osborne North Shipyard (SA)

The Osborne North shipyard is the location for the full-cycle docking and maintenance of the Royal Australian Navy’s six existing Collins Class submarines (CCSM) which is undertaken by ASC Pty Ltd.

Osborne North Development Project (ONDP)

To facilitate the construction of the Attack Class submarines, a new yard is to be built on land acquired by ANI to the west of the existing Osborne North yard. The design and construction is in accordance with functional specifications documented by Naval Group and Lockheed Martin Australia (LMA) and approved by Defence.

Construction of the test facilities including the Combat System Physical Integration Facility (CS-PIF) and the Platform Land Based Test Facility (PLBTF) commenced during 2019-20, with site works on the main fabrication halls to commence during the first half of 2020-21.

Osborne South Shipyard (SA)

The Osborne South shipyard was utilised for the build of three AWDs, the last of which was completed in April 2020. The yard is now being utilised by Luerssen Australia (Luerssen) and its subcontractor, ASC OPV Shipbuilder Pty Ltd for the construction of the first two Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs), with the remaining ten OPVs to be built in Henderson (WA).

Modernisation of the existing Osborne South shipyard will occur progressively from September 2020 when the relevant buildings are vacated by the OPV Program.

Osborne South Development Project (OSDP)

The Osborne South shipyard has been expanded to facilitate the construction of nine Hunter Class frigates by ASC Shipbuilding (ASCSB).

The OSDP objective was to deliver a modern shipyard through the construction of new facilities and modernisation of existing facilities at Osborne South to support the continuous build of major surface combatants up to Destroyer size.

Practical completion of the new facilities was achieved on schedule and on budget in June 2020 in readiness for the commencement of prototyping by ASCSB in late 2020.

Common Use Infrastructure (SA)

ANI owns and operates Common Use Infrastructure (CUI) at Osborne including the wharf, dry berth, transfer system and shiplift and provides services to the Naval Shipbuilding Programs and other commercial users of the shipyard.

Naval Shipbuilding College (SA)

The Naval Shipbuilding College is partnering with education and training providers to grow Australia’s naval shipbuilding workforce and is located in facilities leased from ANI at Osborne.

Henderson Shipyard (WA)

ANI owns minor assets in support of CCSM sustainment mid-cycle docking by ASC Pty Ltd.