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Osborne South Development Project (OSDP)

The OSDP objective is to deliver a modern shipyard through the construction of new facilities and modernisation of existing facilities at Osborne South to support the continuous build of major surface combatants in their entirety. The facilities to be delivered under this project are being designed and built not only for the current planned capacity (Hunter class frigates) but to support a continuous build program for major surface combatant vessels up to Destroyer size.

The Commonwealth previously engaged Odense Maritime Technology (OMT) to undertake the design of the shipyard works based on the Programmatic Needs Statement and High Level Functional Requirements.

Following a comprehensive tender process ANI entered into a Managing Contractor Contract (MCC) on 12 October 2017 with Lendlease for the design and construction of the new facilities at the Osborne South shipyard on land acquired from the State Government.

Funding committed in 2017 for the ODSP was $535 million. The new yard will be completed and commissioned during the first half of 2020.

Activity as at 30 June 2019 can be summarised as follows:

Site progress


Completion of piling for main works

August 2018

B18 Blast & Paint Hall

In progress – target completion Q1 2020

B20 Steel Fabrication and Unit Assembly Hall

In progress – target completion Q1 2020

B21 Block Assembly Hall

In progress – target completion Q1 2020

B22 Block Outfitting and Erection Hall

In progress – target completion Q1 2020

Ancillary buildings – office and amenities

In progress – target completion Q1 2020

Modernisation of the existing Osborne South shipyard will occur progressively from 2020. ANI will self-manage the modernisation, with the works to be undertaken when the relevant buildings are vacated by the OPV Program.