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ANU was founded in 1946 with a special mission – to give Australia world-class research capacity in areas vital for our country’s future. ANU is specially funded by the Australian Government through the National Institutes Grant to achieve this.

This secure and reliable funding has made possible the long-term pure and applied research that marks ANU as a nationally and internationally significant research institution. It has created a unique academic environment where impactful work occurs across and between disciplines. This in turn delivers transformational outcomes and invaluable benefits for Australia.

The National Institutes Grant supports ANU to continue to deliver on its core purpose of distinctive excellence in research, education and public policy. It helps to develop Australia’s national unity and identity, and to engage with the nation’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous histories and cultures, and with modern Australia’s place in the world. It allows ANU to serve Australia in public policy, developing evidence-based solutions to major issues confronting governments, business and communities. The National Institutes Grant also helps create a high-quality training ground environment for future research and academic leaders.

The Senior Management Group governs the expenditure and accountability of the National Institutes Grant. The framework ensures the University’s purpose guides investment, enhances transparency, enables flexibility to meet strategic and national priorities, and promotes the University’s ability to expertly deliver on key activities of national significance.

The following snapshots illustrate how research and scholarship supported through the National Institutes Grant is advancing Australia, our region and the world. These are just some of the ways the National Institutes Grant allows ANU to make exceptional contributions in the areas of:

  • contributing to Indigenous Australia
  • Australia’s understanding of, and role in, the Asia-Pacific region
  • contributing to public policy
  • excellence in research and innovation
  • excellence in research and innovation – environment and resources
  • the future of research
  • fostering the next generation.

A final section highlights some of the outstanding achievements of researchers and academics at ANU.