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Indemnities & insurance for University officers

ANU indemnifies its staff against liabilities incurred by them while carrying out their duties in good faith. Indemnification of staff includes meeting the costs of actions that might be taken against them personally as though the action had been taken against ANU, provided the staff member concerned acted in good faith.

Similar indemnities have been granted to members of Council, ANU appointments to external company boards, and non-ANU employees who serve on ANU committees.

Professional indemnity insurance and other appropriate insurances, including directors and officers liability insurance, have been acquired on terms and conditions consistent with provisions in the PGPA Act.

Council members are entitled to any information they need or require from the University to exercise their functions and fulfil their duties as directors and, subject to the prior approval of the Chancellor (which is not to be unreasonably withheld), may seek independent legal advice at the University’s expense on any issue submitted to Council.