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Disclosure of material activities & events

Section 19 of the PGPA Act provides that Council has a duty to keep the Minister for Education and the Minister for Finance informed of any significant decisions or issues concerning the University and any of its subsidiaries. This duty is limited by section 4A of the ANU Act, which provides that Council need not comply with section 19 where it would or might affect the academic independence or integrity of the University.

The principal mechanism through which the University informs these Ministers is the annual report, which is tabled in Parliament and includes a report on outcomes delivered under the National Institutes Grant.

More generally, and in accordance with section 19 of the ANU Act, Council delegates day-to-day responsibility for notification of significant decisions and issues to the Vice-Chancellor (noting that Council still remains the Accountable Authority).

During the year, the Vice-Chancellor formally communicated with the Minister for Education and (at times) the Minister for Finance about the ANU 2019 Corporate Plan and 2018 Annual Report, the appointment of the new Chancellor, a nomination for an external member of Council (concerning Mr Baird) and reported the outcomes of a 2019 ANU-commissioned audit concerning systemic control failures in the use of University-issued purchase cards, and a commitment to comprehensively remedy the situation.