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Conduct, ethics & disclosure of interests

The University’s Code of Conduct applies to all staff and to members of the Council. Codes of practice applying to staff and students are also in place for Teaching and Learning, Supervision in Higher Degrees by Research, and Student Academic Integrity.

The Code of Conduct is available at policies.anu.edu.au/ppl/document/ANUP_000388 and responsibilities of members of Council are outlined in the ANU Council Charter, which is available at www.anu.edu.au/about/governance/council.

Council and Council committee members are required to take all reasonable steps to avoid actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interests. They must comply with the requirements of the PGPA Act for disclosure of material personal interests.

Any Council or Council committee member who has a material personal interest in a matter relating to the affairs of the University must disclose that interest orally, or in writing, at the relevant Council or Council committee meeting as soon as practicable after becoming aware of the interest. The disclosure must include details of the nature and extent of the interest and how the interest relates to the affairs of the University. If the nature or extent of a material personal interest subsequently changes, that must also be declared if it continues to be of relevance to a matter relating to the affairs of the University. Any such disclosure is recorded in the minutes of the meeting. Unless Council or Council committee members determine otherwise, the member must not take part while the matter is being considered at the meeting nor participate in decision-making on the matter.

The Director, Corporate Governance and Risk Office, maintains a register of all material personal interests declared by members. Members are invited annually to make a declaration of any further material personal interests or to amend existing declarations. These are recorded in the register.