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The remuneration and performance evaluation of the Vice-Chancellor is managed by the Remuneration Committee, under Council oversight. The Chancellor, as Chair of the committee, gives an annual written assurance to Council that the committee has ensured contractual arrangements are in order, remuneration has been properly developed, and performance objectives have been formulated and measured.

The package of remuneration received by the Vice-Chancellor is, at his insistence, benchmarked against the practices of other comparable international higher education institutions, rather than the major Australian universities, and is significantly more modest than the current Group of Eight norm. The Remuneration Committee is supported by the University’s Director, Human Resources and receives external advice on remuneration benchmarking for the position from a major remuneration advisory firm.

Key performance indicators for the Vice-Chancellor are determined annually, with Council assessing achievement early in the subsequent year.

In 2019, the Chancellor received an annual honorarium of $75,000 in recognition of the significant responsibilities and time involved in the discharge of the office. While the University meets external members costs, they are not remunerated and Council recognises that a strictly voluntary commitment to serve on Council may prove a barrier to potential members whose time away from their primary occupation may result in forfeited income. Time spent in the service of the Council may also be a barrier to accepting other paid work, and so the matter was discussed in 2019.