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The Pro-Chancellor

The Pro-Chancellor’s principal responsibilities are to assist the Chancellor in providing appropriate leadership to the Council and ensuring Council fulfils its obligations under the Council Charter. The Pro-Chancellor also has specific responsibilities to:

  • chair Council meetings, in the absence of the Chancellor
  • assist the Chancellor with his or her other specific responsibilities as listed above
  • lead the Council in its deliberations on the appointment or re-appointment of a Chancellor.

The Pro-Chancellor is appointed by Council and is an experienced and well-respected member of the Council, drawn from its external members. The current Pro-Chancellor, Ms Naomi Flutter, was appointed by the Council in 2017 as Pro-Chancellor for a term of three years (in a process separate from the Minister re-appointing Ms Flutter to the Council itself for a second four-year term until 30 June 2022).

During 2018 and much of 2019, Ms Flutter, in her capacity as Pro-Chancellor, and with the assistance of a Council-appointed Chancellor Nomination Committee, led the search for and appointment of the new Chancellor.