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Functions of the University

The University is an educational institute, established by an Act of the Australian Parliament in 1946. Section 5 of the ANU Act specifies its functions as:

  • advancing and transmitting knowledge, by undertaking research and teaching of the highest quality
  • encouraging, and providing facilities for, research and postgraduate study, both generally and in relation to subjects of national importance to Australia
  • providing facilities and courses for higher education generally, including education appropriate to professional and other occupations, for students from within Australia and overseas
  • providing facilities and courses at higher education level and other levels in the visual and performing arts, and, in so doing, promoting the highest standards of practice in those fields
  • awarding and conferring degrees, diplomas and certificates in its own right or jointly with other institutions, as determined by the Council
  • providing opportunities for persons, including those who already have post-secondary qualifications, to obtain higher education qualifications
  • engaging in extension activities.

In performing its functions, the University ensures a focus on its national and international roles and on the needs of the ACT and the surrounding regions.

Following several years of negotiation, the University and the Australian Government, via the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, have finalised most significant discussions concerning the drafting of the ANU Bill, designed to replace the ANU Act.