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ANU has a special charter to advance the cause of learning and research in general, and take its rightful place among the great universities of the world.

The Australian Government established ANU in 1946 and endowed it with the National Institutes Grant. This secure and reliable funding has made possible the long-term pure and applied research – and the consequent transformational outcomes – that mark ANU as a nationally and internationally significant research institution and a valuable resource for Australia.

ANU, through the National Institutes Grant, maintains and evolves distinctive concentrations of excellence in research in areas of national importance and at the level of excellence Australians expect. The stories in this 2019 National Institutes Grant Report demonstrate some of the ways the National Institutes Grant allows ANU to make unique contributions in the areas of Indigenous Australia, the Asia-Pacific region, public policy, excellence in research and innovation, and protecting the future of research.

The National Institutes Grant helps develop Australia’s national unity and identity, and engage with its Indigenous and non-Indigenous history and culture, and with modern Australia’s place in the world. It allows ANU to serve Australia in public policy, developing evidence-based solutions to address major issues confronting governments, business and communities. And, the National Institutes Grant enables access to world-class facilities and infrastructure, and a high-quality training ground for future research and academic leaders.

The ANU National Institutes Grant Framework governs the expenditure and accountability of the National Institutes Grant to ensure its purpose continues to be its guide. The framework strengthens the strategic focus that: underpins expenditure of the National Institutes Grant within ANU; enhances accountability for, and transparency of, that expenditure; enables ANU to remain flexible and agile to meet new and emerging strategic and national priorities; promotes the uniqueness of ANU as Australia’s national university and its ability to expertly deliver on key activities of national significance; and demonstrates an outstanding benefit to the nation because of the University’s distinctive excellence.

ANU was founded as a university unique in Australia and the world. After more than seven decades it remains so, delivering a legacy of excellence in research, education and public policy.

Further information on the National Institutes Grant at ANU is available at anu.edu.au/about/national-institutes-grant.