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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Elders past and present of all the lands on which The Australian National University operates.

Naturam primum cognoscere rerum First, to learn the nature of things

The Australian National University (ANU) was established by an Act of the Federal Parliament in 1946. Its founding mission was to be of enduring significance in the postwar life of the nation, to support the development of national unity and identity, to improve Australia’s understanding of itself and its neighbours, and to contribute to economic development and social cohesion.

Today, ANU is a celebrated place of intensive research, education and policy engagement, focused on issues of national and international importance.

ANU is a:

  • centre of outstanding academic talent and research excellence
  • home to students drawn from across the nation and around the world
  • leading contributor to public policy formation and debate
  • partner to the Australian Government and Parliament
  • global university that consistently ranks among the world’s finest education and research institutions.

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