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Appendix 4 – Director and staff overseas travel


Tokyo, Sendai, Hiroshima and Kuri, Japan, 6–16/19: War and Peace in the Pacific 75 Youth Program chaperone

Stephen GAPPS

London, UK, 9–18/11/19: to attend Shaped by the Sea design workshop, and British Museum object loan discussions.

Wellington, NZ, 19–22/8/19: to attend Te Papa Museum curatorial discussions on Shaped by the Sea and inspect HERE: Kupe to Cook exhibition at Pataka Museum & Gallery.

Michael HARVEY

Wellington, NZ, 30–31/11/19: to join meetings with Avatar Alliance Foundation and James Cameron, and courtesy calls at Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand.

London, UK, 13–16/10/19: to join design workshop for Shaped by the Sea project and attend Wildlife Photographer of the Year meetings and events at the Natural History Museum and UK Parliament (partially self-funded).


Alotau and Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 22/10–6/11/2019: to attend opening of Massim Canoe plans exhibition at Massim Museum Alotau, to attend Huhu Bay War Canoe Festival and Kenu and Kundu Festival, then meet Director of National Museum PNG in Port Moresby.


Wellington & Dunedin New Zealand, 17–21/7/19: to attend meetings with the director of TePapa Museum, Wellington, and Director of the NMC concerning the Endeavour charter for the Tuia 250 events; participate in the launch event of the ANMM travelling exhibition James Cameron – Challenging the Deep at the Otago Museum, Dunedin.

US, Europe and Kuwait, 5–25/9/19: Meetings in the US concerning the search for HMB Endeavour, field research for new exhibition space and venue business models; attendance and presentation at the International Conference of Maritime Museums, Stockholm; discussions with Empathy Museum Directors concerning touring exhibition A Mile in My Shoes.

Whangarei, Bay of Islands, New Zealand, 2­9/11/19: Attended Tuia 250 cultural events in Waitangi and Kerikeri and participated in voyage as a crew member aboard HMB Endeavour as part of the Tuia 250 flotilla.

Jakarta, Indonesia 12–14/11/19: Presented at the launch of the Black Armada – Two Nations exhibition at the National Museum of Jakarta and provided a workshop, How to Build a Public Brand, for local museum directors and curators.

Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Korea, 28/11–7/12/19: Attended the launch of our travelling exhibition Alan Villiers & the Sons of Sindbad with the Australian Ambassador in Kuwait; accompanied by Embassy staff, met with Directors of cultural institutions in Riyadh concerning Villiers travelling exhibition; discussions with Ambassador James Choi in Seoul concerning possible collaborative projects with Korean cultural institutions; met the Director of the Busan Maritime Museum to develop an MoU between the two institutions.

Tokyo, Japan, 2–10/2/20: participated in a study program hosted by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The program is designed to build new strategic relationships between Japanese Research and Cultural organisations and their Australian counterparts.

Middle East and London, 7–16/3/20: Accompanied by the First Secretary of the Australian Embassy Riyadh, participated in a series of meetings with directors of cultural institutions in Dammam, Bahrain and Oman regarding the Alan Villiers & the Sons of Sindbad travelling exhibition; attended the International Congress of Maritime Museums meetings in Bristol. (Planned travel to France to meet with Australian Embassy staff and the Director of the Musée de la Marine regarding touring exhibitions and collaboration on a submarine exhibition was cancelled due to COVID-19.)