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Appendix 2 – ANMM publications


Bligh – Hero or Villain?, ISBN 978-0-9775471-7-3, 104 pp, author Dr Nigel Erskine


Signals, quarterly journal of the Australian National Maritime Museum, Nos 127–131, ISSN 1033-4688, 80 pp, editor Janine Flew, published September, December, March, June. Free to Members

Australian National Maritime Museum Annual Report 2018–19, ISSN 1039-4036 (print) / 2204-678X (online), 188 pp, editor Janine Flew

All Hands, e-magazine of Australian National Maritime Museum Volunteers, edited by a Volunteer committee: Geoff Barnes, Alex Books, Roz Gatwood, Bob Hetherington, John Lea, Doug Logan, Neale Philip, Jenny Patel, Brooke Twyford and David van Kool, published quarterly online. Free to ANMM Volunteers, staff and Council members and volunteers at maritime-related museums Australia wide

Education resource materials

This year the museum placed a clear focus on engaging learners not just onsite, but also in classrooms and in their homes. The result was a set of sector-leading resources that have driven extremely pleasing online engagement numbers. Resources developed include:

  • The Cook’s Voyages online game
  • Encounters 2020 teacher resources. A set of 26 digitally hosted resources to support primary and secondary learners in understanding the importance, complexity and lasting impacts of Cook’s visit to Australia’s east coast
  • Journey along the East Australian Current. A digital collaboration with ABC Education that includes eight videos and classroom activities
  • Pirate School. A digitally hosted adventure for students exploring the history and science of pirate life
  • War and Peace in the Pacific 75. The third instalment of the international education program bringing students from Australia, Japan and the USA toward the goals of peace and cooperation
  • Sea Monsters. Primary and secondary resources to support onsite programs and travelling exhibition learning experiences
  • Navigators, Explorers and Traders. A new onsite program to engage students with the Under Southern Skies gallery.
  • ERTH’s Prehistoric Aquarium. Onsite, live action puppet show for Summer 19–20
  • Public programs: quarterly, onsite family engagements.

Corporate publications

Shaped by the Sea: Australian National Maritime Corporate Plan 2019–23, ISSN 1320 6656, 32 pp

2020 program, 48 pp


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