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Priority 6 – People first

Our staff and volunteers are our greatest assets.

We will continue to be a sought-after place to work by promoting excellence in all we do and supporting our people with development opportunities and effective systems and processes.

We recognise the vital role that our volunteers play in meeting the needs of our visitors.

We will commit to increasing the diversity and cultural awareness of our staff and volunteers through effective recruitment and training initiatives.

We will build our capabilities in emerging areas such as the use of technology and audience engagement.


The key measures of performance are:

  • Museum staff satisfaction in the APSC State of the Service Survey

Criterion source

2019–20 Corporate Plan, p 12


2019–20 target

2019–20 actual

2018–19 actual

2017–18 actual

Museum staff satisfaction in the APSC State of the Service survey

>APS average




Note: NR = not reported


The museum encourages APS staff to participate in the Australian Public Service Commission’s annual State of the Service Survey. The APSC’s report on the response to the question ‘Considering everything, I am satisfied with my job’ is used for this criterion. This question was also asked last year.


The APSC State of the Service survey was delayed due to COVID-19.