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Appendix 2: ANMM Publications


Signals, quarterly journal of the Australian National Maritime Museum, Nos 123–127, ISSN 1033-4688, 80 pp, editor Janine Flew, published September, December, March, June. Free to Members

Australian National Maritime Museum Annual Report 2017–18, ISSN 1039-4036 (print) / 2204-678X (online), 176 pp, editor Janine Flew

All Hands, e-magazine of Australian National Maritime Museum Volunteers, edited by a Volunteer committee: Geoff Barnes, Alex Books, Roz Gatwood, Bob Hetherington, John Lea, Doug Logan, Neale Philip, Jenny Patel and David van Kool, published quarterly online. Free to ANMM Volunteers, staff and Council members and volunteers at maritime-related museums Australia wide

Educational resource materials

This year the museum’s Learning team developed a series of quality learning resources relevant to both primary and secondary learners, including:

  • HMB Endeavour’s Voyage of Exploration: a collaboration with ABC Education that developed six short video episodes exploring the context and impacts of Cook’s first voyage in the Pacific. These are available online and were screened on ABC 2
  • ‘War and Peace in the Pacific 75’: digitally hosted resources for teachers and students participating in the 2019–20 iteration of the program
  • James Cameron: Challenging the Deep: travelling exhibition education package
  • HMB Endeavour: new resource kit that includes an Indigenous perspective developed for all students visiting the vessel
  • On Sharks & Humanity: student resources covering Visual Arts, Science and ESL developed for onsite and travelling exhibition visitors
  • Ripples of Time: tour and supporting resources that explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories and connection to the continent’s salt and fresh waterways
  • Human Rights Trail: a tour with supporting resources that investigates stories from our shared history through a human rights lens
  • Young Learners: quarterly activities for young visitors, including craft activities and museum adventure trails

Corporate publications

Shaped by the Sea: Australian National Maritime Corporate Plan 2018–22, ISSN 1320 6656, 32 pp

Reconciliation Action Plan – Innovate, ISSN 2651-9461, ISSN 2651-947X (online), 70 pp, authors Beau James and Paul McCarthy

From Across the Sea – Australia’s National Migration Story ISBN 978-0-9775471-6-6 (online), 36 pp, author Paul McCarthy

Digital stories

Ghost nets, by Kate Pentecost

Full Ocean Depth, by Emily Jateff

Solving Australia’s most enduring naval mystery, by Dr James Hunter: sea.museum/2018/09/18/ae1-found


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