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Legal and compliance

Privacy legislation

There were no notifiable data breaches in the reporting period.

Freedom of Information

There was one continuing request and one new request under the Freedom of Information Act 1982. The museum’s FOI Officer at the end of the reporting period was Ms Tanya Bush.

Judicial decisions and reviews by outside bodies

There were no judicial decisions of which the museum was aware that affected the museum during the period under review. There were also no reports on museum operations by the Auditor-General, a parliamentary committee or the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

Ministerial directions and Government Policy Orders

The museum received no formal notifications or ministerial directions or orders during the reporting period.

The Minister’s Statement of Expectations for 2018–19, dated 3 August 2018, and the museum’s Statement of Intent are published on the ANMM website.

Indemnities and insurance premiums for officers

No current or former member of the accountable authority or officer has been given any indemnity and there are no agreements to give any. Normal directors’ and officers’ insurance is carried through Comcover.

Non-compliance with Finance law

There were no significant issues reported to the responsible Minister under paragraph 19(1)(e) of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 that relate to non-compliance with finance law.

Subsidiary entities

There are no subsidiary entities of the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Capability reviews

There were no capability reviews released during the reporting period.

Government Policy Orders

There are currently no Government Policy Orders in effect under the PGPA Act.

Fraud control

The museum maintains a fraud control plan (FCP), which includes an enterprise-wide fraud risk assessment (FRA), as well as fraud prevention, detection, investigation, reporting and data collection procedures and processes.

All reasonable measures have been taken to minimise incidents of fraud, including commissioning an internal audit to assess the museum’s fraud control framework during the 2017–18 financial year, as part of its ongoing internal audit program, and reviewing and updating both the FCP and FRA during the current financial year.

Internal audit

The museum has a five-year internal audit plan, which is designed to identify and address the highest areas of financial and operational risk on a rolling basis. The plan is agreed and updated annually in consultation with the museum’s internal audit provider, museum management and the Council’s Audit Committee. The museum commissioned two internal audits during the financial year to assess the delivery of its capital works program and its procurement and payment processes.

Large transactions with Commonwealth entities

There were no transactions of the kind specified in section 17BE(n) of the PGPA Rule 2014 during the reporting period.