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Priority 7: Enhance our organisational excellence

Example Established staff social group MConnect

A strategy to increase employee well-being has been the development of a social program called MConnect. Its planning team comprises employees from various sections of the museum. Events held in this reporting period included:

  • Annual staff regatta, in association with Sydney by Sail, on 25 May. Both sailors and ‘land lubbers’ participated in the post-race barbecue
  • Harmony Day morning tea, illustrating the great diversity of cultural backgrounds of museum employees
  • FitBit fitness challenge and Good Mood Food breakfast for participants and other staff members, at which the winners of the challenge were announced


  • Established staff social group MConnect
  • Published People and Culture Strategic Plan, which focuses on improving the museum’s employee experience and positioning the museum as an employer of choice, and has three core objectives: purposeful leadership; a great people experience; and investment in growing our people
  • Significantly increased the number of Indigenous employees at the museum (from two to five) and implemented new arrangement with Chandler McLeod for Indigenous workers at front of house
  • Undertook a 360 assessment of the museum’s executive.