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Priority 6: Forge a strong financial future


  • Achieved all self-generated revenue business lines, including Venues and rental
  • Unveiled the museum’s new logo to the public, making evident the museum’s rebranding, which has been under way for several years
  • Recognised donors and supporters of the search of HMAS AE1 at a function co-hosted by the Minister for the Arts and attended by the Governor-General
  • The museum secured $688K in donations this year, with a shortfall in cash donations offset by donations of high-value objects, including the sculpture Swimming by Chinese artist Zou Liang (see Appendix 1: Selected acquisitions and donations to the National Maritime Collection). Prominently located in the museum’s foyer, Swimming was a gift from Parkview Arts Action as a legacy of the On Sharks & Humanity art and conservation program 2019.
  • More than $1.2M in revenue for voyaging Endeavour to New Zealand, Hobart and Noumea
  • Developed strategies for fundraising for Encounters 2020
  • Adopted a commercial strategy for SY Ena by the Foundation board this year.

ANMM grants received

$386,000 from the Public Sector Modernisation Fund, awarded by the Department of Communications and the Arts.
This is part of a three-year strategic assistance grant totalling $1,022M ($160K in 17–19; $386K in 18–19; $476K in 19–20) that was awarded in 2017–18. The museum has discretion in what the money is used for.
$514,000 awarded by the Department of Communications and the Arts, being the first year of three years’ worth of payments (worth $6.7M in total) for the Endeavour circumnavigation. This agreement is for one year only; a new agreement will be struck for 2019–20 and 2020–21.
$79,400 Visions of Australia grant, administered by the Australian Government through the Department of Communications and the Arts, received to develop the Encounters 2020 program.
$256,284 from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) (Preservation and Development of Tourism Potential), to inspect, assess and document the HMAS Perth (I) shipwreck site and collaborate with Indonesian partners to protect, preserve and interpret it. The grant was awarded to ANMM as part of DFAT’s Indonesia-Australia Maritime Capacity Building Initiative.
$9,137 Darling Travel Grant awarded by the Gordon Darling Foundation, funding a museum conservator to travel to the USA to visit institutions.

For grants awarded by the museum under the MMAPSS scheme, see Grant programs.