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Priority 2: A world-class, compelling museum precinct

Example 1 Refurbishment of the museum foyer

One of the strategies to create a world-class, compelling museum precinct is to improve our visitor facilities and amenities to ensure that they are accessible, comfortable and safe. During February and March, when visitor numbers are traditionally at their lowest, the museum refurbished its foyer, theatre and family amenities, and installed a lift. The foyer space is now modern and clean, and effectively aligns with our brand. New digital signage allows for easier modification of the display and presents a professional and dynamic view of ticket options, special events and tours.

The foyer refurbishment also complements the ghost net installation to full advantage, creating an impact on the visitor from the moment they enter, and linking the indoor and outdoor spaces, drawing the visitor’s eye through to the museum’s waterside attractions.

Key features of the update include a new lift and refurbished bathrooms and family room facilities, improved accessibility and statutory compliance.

Example 2 Other capital works

During this reporting period the museum also undertook two other major projects under the Public Service Modernisation Fund, both directed at statutory compliance and financial sustainability. The museum refitted HMAS Vampire and applied a long-life paint solution to extend time between dockings. This will reduce both maintenance costs and the amount of time the ship is unavailable to visitors. We also installed a 235kW system of lightweight solar panels on the roof of the Wharf 7 building to reduce long-term power costs and to increase environmental sustainability, and updated our electrical switchboard for compliance and safety.

We invested in restoring and upgrading Endeavour to ready it for voyaging ahead of the circumnavigation in 2020.


  • Modernised the museum’s foyer and other public areas
  • Refitted HMAS Vampire and applied a long-life paint solution
  • Installed solar panels on the Wharf 7 building’s roof
  • Restored and upgraded Endeavour in preparation for voyages in 2020.