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Strategic priorities

The strategic transformation of the museum’s approach to exhibitions and programs over the last few years is delivering growth in audiences, as well as critical acclaim. Total visitation to the museum, onsite and offsite, was 2.1 million in 2018–19 – 26% ahead of target.

Our vision

To be a world leader in maritime heritage – engaging communities and increasing their appreciation of the importance of the oceans, seas and rivers to our past, present and future.

Our mission

As the national maritime museum, our mission is to lead the promotion and conservation of Australia’s maritime heritage and culture through:

  • Developing and sharing our collections, knowledge and expertise;
  • Motivating learning through research, educational programs and products;
  • Supporting community participation to retain our maritime heritage; and
  • Exploring contemporary issues of public interest and maritime relevance.

Our priorities

Since its establishment in 1991, the museum has been a leader in the preservation, promotion and sharing of Australia’s maritime heritage. The museum has set seven priorities in its corporate plan for 2018–22 to build upon this proud history and to guide the museum’s path and programs towards a longer-term future:

Priority 1 Share the national maritime story across Australia

Priority 2 A world-class, compelling museum precinct

Priority 3 Must-visit exhibitions, attractions, programs and events

Priority 4 Support and promote Indigenous maritime heritage

Priority 5 Research, share knowledge and inspire

Priority 6 Forge a strong financial future

Priority 7 Enhance our organisational excellence

On the following pages we present examples of how the museum met each of its priorities during this reporting period.