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Priority: Enhance our organisational excellence

Maximising opportunities and delivering the best possible outcomes require a creative, efficient and progressive organisation. We recruit, develop and empower our people to support our corporate goals and embrace innovation. We aim to be a preferred employer in the museum sector and more widely. We implement our legal and regulatory obligations and manage our financial resources and assets to ensure our organisation maintains its strength and sustainability.


The key measures of performance are:

  • museum staff satisfaction in the APSC State of the Service Survey
  • number of adverse audit findings.

Criterion source

2018–22 Corporate Plan, p 29

Results against performance criterion

2018–19 target

2018–19 actual

2017–18 actual

Museum staff satisfaction in the APSC State of the Service Survey

>APS average



2018–19 target

2018–19 actual

2017–18 actual

2016–17 actual

2015–16 actual

Adverse audit findings

<2 minor matters






The museum encourages APS staff to participate in the Australian Public Service Commission’s annual State of the Service Survey. The APSC’s report on the response to the question ‘Considering everything, I am satisfied with my job’ is used for this criterion. This question was also asked last year.

The number of adverse audit findings is as per the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) closing reports.


The 2018–19 State of the Service Survey indicates a drop in staff satisfaction compared to last year, principally due to dissatisfaction with remuneration and time pressures due to the ASL cap. While staff satisfaction was 6% behind the APS average of 70%, the total employee engagement score (74%) is 3% higher than the APS average (71%).

There were no adverse audit findings by ANAO in 2018–19. There are no issues outstanding from previous years. The museum’s internal audit program has continued to be effective in proactively identifying areas for improvement.