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Capability programs

2019–20 Corporate Plan: Page 85
Delivery of the following projects and programs is a major component of our response to this challenge:

For projects and programs, the ‘traffic light’ indicates:

  • Green: On track
  • Amber: Minor issues, but recoverable
  • Red: Major issues, management intervention required
  • Blue: Complete
Strategic enabler: capability programs

Project name




IMO category B elections

Campaign to retain Australia’s position on Category B of the IMO Council so that we can continue to support Australia’s international priorities and foreign policy objectives


On 29 November 2019 Australia was successfully re-elected to Category B of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), with the highest number of votes in the category.

Refer case study: IMO Category B re-election and Council Reform

Indonesia Transport Safety Assistance Package (ITSAP)

Strengthening government to government partnerships to support priority transport safety reforms through the provision of technical expertise and capacity building


Three of the five streams on the ITSAP program are on track. Activities for the remaining two streams have either been postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Revised work plans and budgets have been developed with an immediate focus on the COVID-19 pandemic response

Assistance to Papua New Guinea National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA)

Support PNG NMSA to deliver effective port State control, marine environment protection and search and rescue service through the provision of technical expertise and capacity building


This program successfully delivered two key projects in the period:

  • a review of PNG's domestic legislation, to identify gaps against the requirements of relevant international maritime conventions
  • PSC officer training capacity building